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My name is James Makepeace, an actor and video essayist based in Cardiff. I've been involved in the performing arts in one way or another since I was eleven, and my passion and enthusiasm for creative expression have only grown stronger with age, having dipped my toes into acting, music, writing and editing over the years. I am home studio capable, and have had the pleasure of being part of projects such as Rusty Quill's audio drama Trice Forgotten as Dr Elizabeth, and Wadjet Eye Games and Curiosity Engine's Nighthawks as Professor Rutherford.I'd be more than happy to help you with your project - just send an email, or get in touch through social media!

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Kai After kai

There's a chance you might also know me as 'Kai After Kai', the name I use for my video essay and music projects. Since 2020, I've been releasing video essays on my self-titled YouTube Channel of over 3,500 subscribers, where I upload long-form media analysis videos that I write, record and edit all myself, focusing on TV, film, games, music and pop culture. One of my videos, The Importance of Spaces in The Last Black Man in San Francisco, was featured in the BFI's "best video essays of 2023" poll.Since 2021, I have also released music under the 'Kai After Kai' name. I generally lean towards industrial, experimental ambient work inspired by the soundtracks of some of my favourite properties, but I'm constantly evolving my style and always trying new things. I'm currently working on my most ambitious album yet, The Universe Is a God-Shaped Hole, scheduled for release in 2024.